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new york dog trainerOur private one on one training lessons are done at your home by a Professional Certified Trainer and Behavior Expert. The lessons are tailored to fit what you would like done with your puppy or adult dog.

We use a humane, positive and scientifically sound approach that makes it easy for you and your dog to succeed. Our instructions are broken down into simple steps so that everyone can take part in the training and be able to practice as a family.
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Do not have the time or patients to do the Training? Well then NY DogWorks has the answer.. We now do Board and Train Programs at our lovely facility in the home of Owner & Trainer Brian DeMartino. It is a 2 to 6 week program that is 100% guaranteed. Your dog will stay with us for no additional fee if we feel that he or she is not ready to graduate. This program can be for Puppy Training, Housebreaking, Socialization / Obedience & Manners / Behavior problems such as Aggression, Anxiety, or Fears / Advanced Off Leash Training / Personal Protection and much more..We also board dogs at our facility if you are going away and want your family pet to be cared for 24/7 as if he or she was one of our own. Plenty of playtime, walks, individual attention, grooming if needed, comfortable sleeping areas with their own bed, and lots and lots of love..

Let us help you have the relationship that you and your dog deserve..

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We are available in the following areas:

Long Island, Nassau county, Suffolk county, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, & Queens.

**We have pick up and drop off services for your pet for the boarding and boarding and training programs.

Dog Training Testimonials

Sending Otis to Brian for the board and train program was the best decision I ever made. After being told Otis could not be helped and that he should be put down, I was devastated. Otis has now been back from Brian's program for a few weeks and is extremely obedient and friendly. He is the same puppy we brought home a couple years ago, but calmer and without any aggression. We work on Otis' obedience daily as well as walk him and put him on the treadmill. Thanks to Brian, our dog is happy-go-lucky and more approachable. The list goes on and on of how Brian has helped the family, myself, and especially Otis. If you are having issues with your dog, especially behavior and aggression problems, my advice to you is to trust Brian. Your dog will be in good hands with a safe, reliable, responsible, dog lover that will treat your dog like his own.

Victoria Zilli
Long Island, New York

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